Laying Hens

We raise nearly 300 laying hens, mostly Aruacana, as well as Black Australorp, Welsummer, Cuckoo Maran, and Buff Orpington.  Aruacana is a breed originating from Chile that are known for their stunning blue green eggs. Our chickens have free range to forage and scavenge for bugs, worms, and critters we can't even see; they also get a slew of micro greens and other vegetables. As far as grain provisions go, we have searched high and low for a reputable source for Non-GMO chicken feed, and are proud to offer our laying hens feed from a certified organic local source, Lightening Tree Farm. We like to say our chickens eat better than most humans, because well, it's true. When our chickens get old we continue to support them through retirement; out of respect for all they have given us we choose not to cull our hens when they slow or stop laying.

Our ladies have been written up a few times because of their egg's golden yolk and delectable flavor; check out the NY Times article (1998) and NY Magazine (2015) mention on our "Press and Affiliates" page.


The ladies posing for a picture in their coop

Newly arrived chick

Guess which one ended up being a rooster?

Rainbow of eggs

Wandering around for their daily forage

Feeding time


Chicks soaking up the sun